14 October 2014

NIDA & The Tanks Arts give student workshop scholarships, Cairns

The National Institute of Dramatic Art in partnership with The Tanks Art Centre, Cairns ran holiday workshops for students to develop their skills in Drama. NIDA is world renowned for its actor training with many of Australia’s greatest TV and Film talents having trained at the facility.

The Tanks Arts Centre worked closely with NIDA to offer a small number of gifted students from Far North Queensland schools a scholarship to participate in the workshops. The students who applied were judged on their commitment to The Arts, their passion for performance and their achievements on stage.

NIDA has been an innovator in training young people recently as they develop a training model from face-to-face teaching and learning into to a more collaborative, online, video mode of delivery. NIDA wanted to solve the problem of affordability and accessibility of their training in regional and remote areas of Australia. They are committed to reaching further abroad with students from all parts of the globe set to benefit.

I would like to acknowledge the great work that Tanks Arts and NIDA do for regional drama education. Students from Far North Queensland are often at a disadvantage to ‘city’ students in relation to the accessibility of Theater. The Cairns region and surrounding areas benefit from the efforts of organisations like Tanks Arts and NIDA.