16 October 2014

What it means to be a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert

The Program

The Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert program celebrates educators who are paving the way for their peers by demonstrating the effective use of technology for better learning and student outcomes. Expert Educators work closely with Microsoft to lead innovation in education. They advocate, share their experiences with peers and policy makers on effective use of technology in education. Expert Educators provide insight for Microsoft on new products and tools in education, and share valuable experiences, lessons and best practices while working together as a community to promote ideas to innovate in teaching and learning. 

Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert Program Launch, Sydney

My Intentions

As an educator in the 21st Century I have an obligation to teach young people how to learn and adapt to the changes in technology as they are preparing to enter the world. I am passionate about having a global impact and will be using the Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert program as a catalyst for learning with technology and in particular in Creative Arts classes. 

Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is the most important. (Bill Gates) 

Join Me

I would like to inspire educators across the globe. To do this I will be sharing my experiences in the classroom with you through this blog. You can also follow me on Twitter