12 October 2014

Adobe and Microsoft partnership will benefit The Creative Arts in Schools

Adobe and Microsoft are two of the biggest names in the Creative Arts industry. Adobe's recently announced updates tailored for the Microsoft Surface Pro's have the Creative Arts industry buzzing. Adobe and Microsoft have paired an intuitive touch screen interface with powerhouse hardware to deliver an experience to the Creative Arts industry that is unprecedented. Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 is an unmatched entry to the market now flooded with touch capable devices. Adobe has achieved some incredible things through clever development in the back end of its software suite to pair with Microsoft's engineering brilliance. 

Australian educators and students can expect to benefit from this partnership in the long run. The Australian contingent of Microsoft's Innovative Expert Educators were given a glimpse of the partnership between Adobe and Microsoft this weekend at Microsoft's Sydney headquarters. The Creative Arts faculties in schools around the country are set to flourish from this amazing development.