6 July 2015

Google For Education Certification Upgraded & Open for Business.

The Google for Education Training Center offers in-depth training for educators at every level. Courses are self-paced, guided and designed to address real classroom needs. Google recognises that:
Dedicated educators are lifelong learners. With that in mind, we've designed free, online training for the classroom that helps educators do what they do best, even better. 
Google has designed guided training paths just for educators. Whether you're planning to learn one new thing or to start the path to Google mastery, there's something for everyone. The training center has content to meet you where you are and get you where you want to be.

There are 3 professional goals that Google have developed their new training and certification around. They are Professional Growth, Time Savings & Student Learning. The lessons have been meticulously designed so that every minute you spend on training gets you closer to your professional goals.

The Google Certification process has been updated. The Certified Educator pathways now offer two educator certifications so that you can show mastery at the level that’s right for you. Using the content in the training center and your own teaching experience to best prepare you for the performance-based exams. Once you feel adequately prepared, exams are available online and the educator certifications can be achieved at any time.

The existing pathway to be a Google Certified Trainer is still in place and has had a nice refresh. It's predominantly for people who have a strong history of Google training in schools, can design creative and informative learning materials & show enthusiasm for the role of technology in education. 

Finally there is the Google Certified Innovator pathway. Candidates for the Google for Education Certified Innovator program are selected based on their professional experience, their passion for teaching and learning, their innovative use of technology in school settings and their potential impact on other educators. You must attend a Google for Education Innovation Academy as the first step in becoming a Certified Innovator. Applications will open and close on a rolling basis and will be based on location.

Are you planning on taking the new Google exams to be certified? You can find everything you need right here: