18 November 2014

Sway | Re-imagine content: from boring to amazing!

I was lucky enough to jump on-board with a preview from the Microsoft Sway team today. I quickly got to work trialling the very simple interface. 

My first impressions... It's amazing. 

Microsoft's Sway is such a simple tool to use that offers a range of ways to reimagine content. I was so confident that with Sway I could turn the most boring content inside-out that I decided to reimagine my work program for Senior Drama. 


The result was an amazing and aesthetically engaging redesign of what would normally be pretty 'dry' content. I used the "Remix!" and "Mood" functions to test different layouts and designs before I was happy enough to settle on one I liked. 

When studying the end result, I found it easier to peruse the work program and find specific information I needed. And of course, it looked much better too! 

If you get the chance, you should jump on board. Follow Sway on Twitter to keep up to date with the latest info and preview releases!